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The Marian World Mission is inspired by the spirituality and strong Marian devotion of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei. The MWM aims to provide a Holy Rosary pilgrimage experience of love for Our Lord and our Blessed Mother Mary and also the great impact of the new evangelization call in their lives, as they come and walk praying the Holy Rosary from dome to dome of Marian chapels. It is hoped that this experience may lead to holiness and salvation of one’s soul as our Blessed Mother leads everyone to her Son. Our Lord Jesus.


The pilgrims can vividly view all mysteries of the Holy Rosary, the Life, Passion and Death and glorious Resurrection of Our Lord artistically crafted on mosaic tiles on the four walls inside the Rosary domes.

The Holy Rosary Pilgrimage

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