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Prayer to Pope St. John Paul II

Spiritual Founder of the Marian World Mission

“O Pope St. John Paul II, we humbly pray for your pontifical blessing and divine intercession from Heaven to make the Marian World Mission an effective response to your call for New Evangelization, as we faithfully pray for many souls to lead them to Jesus through Mary, and as we sacrificially institute the Christocentric Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


With full trust and confidence, we humbly seek for your supernatural assistance to perform the evangelical objectives of missionaries of the Marian World Mission to bring Christ to those who never heard of Him, and to rekindle the Christian faith to those who have heard of Him but have lost its personal meaning and transformative power.


All these we ask for the ultimate goal to save their souls and ours so that, with God’s mercy and love, we, as His children, may all share true happiness in Heaven with you, and all the saints in the company of St. Joseph, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the most Holy Trinity, forever and ever. Amen." 


St John Paul II, the Great, Pray for Us 


Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be… (3x)

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